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I · Thank · You

whispers of the heart and conscience

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My psychologist ,Carlos, has just sent me this -

From: From Gratefulness.org < auto-sender@gratefulness.org>
Date: 12-dic-2007 11:53
Subject: December Newsletter
To: carlosallemand@gmail.com

Dear Carlos Allemand,

In this season of giving, which can place daunting demands on us, it
helps to remember the words of ecologist and writer Rachel Carson: "If I
had influence with the good fairy who is supposed to preside over the
christening of all children, I should ask that her gift to each child in
the world be a sense of wonder so indestructible that it would last
throughout life." Whether or not you feel the presence of a benign
spirit watching over you, keeping wonder alive is a gift you can give to
yourself. Your wonder, in turn, sustains those around you.

Take a little time, for instance to sit in awe at the magnificent detail
and aliveness of the Advent mosaic by Helen Siegl that you will find on
this page:


And how about refreshing your spirits by the surprise that some world
news reflects the best in people?


Have you considered giving yourself the gift of making giving to others
easier? Who wouldn't appreciate a gift of tickets to "Poetry of


We know someone coming all the way from Austria for this
not-to-be-missed event! Or you can make a contribution in a loved one's


Or, if you're looking for something more tangible, you will find it
simple to order online or by phone from our Gift Shop:


Simplest of all is to show yourself grateful to your child's teacher or
a dear friend by sending them the gift of a link to our site with its
abundance of resources for calming the heart and lifting the spirit:


"Some people," observed psychologist Abraham Maslow, "have a wonderful
capacity to appreciate again and again, freshly and naively, the basic
goods of life, with awe, pleasure, wonder, and even ecstasy." No matter
what triggers that capacity within you at this season, we wish you a
sense of wonder so rich that it infuses all those around you with
renewed hope and cheer.

Grateful for the gift you are to us,
Patricia, Brother David, and Margaret
on behalf of our ANG*L Webteam

Subscription changes: http://www.gratefulness.org/i/
Support this service: http://www.gratefulness.org/a/support/donate.htm
Contact us: http://www.gratefulness.org/a/contact/

Please do not reply to this email directly, as it was sent from an
unattended mailbox. But feel free to forward it to your friends and so
expand the circle of gratefulness.
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I'm thankful for today.

I'm in a good mood, like bad things are going away and good things are coming in, straightening everything out.

I'm thankful for the Advent season, and the new year; and that this time, the new year actually feels like a new year, and I hope that it stays this way. <3

And I'm especially thankful for all my friends. That sounds cliché, but anyone who talks to me on a regular basis, anyone who has let me into their lives, to whatever extent that they have - thank you. :D You make me smile when I think about you.

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life is getting on track
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Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Thank You for being You.

(img is Sigur Ros)
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Thank you for introducing me to Sigur Rós.

Sigur Rós - Glósóli:
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grateful grateful
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Thank you for guiding me!

Thank you for your confidence!

Thank you for your warmth!

Thank you for your healing intentions!!

Namaste! :D
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grateful grateful
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I thank you all for being precisely who you are
in the moment I observe you.

I know you will change in the next moment-
perhaps the shift will be indecipherable to you or anyone else,
but my experience would have changed considerably.

Thank you for your boundless beauty
your recklessness
your pointed ugliness-
it speaks volumes.

It reminds me that I change in every moment,
just as you do-

and I should only take in
what I truly wish to entertain.


* * *
Thank you for the lessons-
both excruciating and ecstatic.

Thank you for the laughter,
the hiccups, the truth spilling,
the fistfuls of queen anne's lace,
the fresh baked bread

Thank you for the tears-
those rivers we filled
those rivers we danced in
those rivers we watched flood
and wither in drought

Thank you for the softness of your hands,
the escape of your mouth, your gentle sighs.
Thank you for the rise and quiet of your desire.
Thank you for the July poppies,
the midsummer lilies,
the pepper-sweet magnolias,
the March violets.
Thank you for the gift of joining my reality with yours.

Thank you for the gift of seeing into your soul
Thank you for those long walks through the labyrinth of your mind
Thank you for the key to your heart
Thank you for the combination to your secrets
Thank you for those sacred conversations
Thank you for helping me unravel my loathe towards god
Thank you for your every healing prayer

Thank you for writing me letters
Thank you for reaching beneath the surface
Thank you for unearthing my genius, my beauty
from beneath the weight of my own masochism

Thank you for enduring my cruelties
Thank you for seeing beyond my rage
Thank you for expressing yourself honestly
Thank you for expressing yourself hidden behind your own terror
Thank you for being utterly real
Thank you for changing

Thank you for the poetry
Thank you for fixing my computer
Thank you for making me chocolates
Thank you for the walks in the woods
Thank you for walking me home
Thank you for the compliments
Thank you for insisting that I was far more than I recognized

Thank you for the fire dances
Thank you for the clandestine orgasms
Thank you for the cups of coffee
Thank you for the miles

Thank you for setting off all those triggers
Thank you for bringing out the worst in me
so the best could grow in its place

Thank you for the cracks in the sidewalk
Thank you for the smell of melting asphalt
Thank you for teaching me

how to

establish myself
as a whole



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String Quartet Tribute to Moby
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